• 06/06/2018 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    GDPR for SMEs - compliant in 3 hours

    Are you baffled by GDPR?

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  • 06/06/2018 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    Business Growth Plans for 2018 sorted?

    What are your business growth plans for 2018?

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  • 06/06/2018 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    Deal or No Deal?

    What an important discussion is happening right now with the the highs and lows of a drama that has divided the nation like a cliff hanger on a British soap like Eastenders.

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  • 06/06/2018 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    SME - Plan with me

    So we have reached the final day in January, how was your first month of 2018? Have you achieved what you wanted?

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  • Maidenhead Business Girls
    05/06/2018 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    January Meet-up 10th January

    Maidenhead Business Girls – January Meet-up (10th January) – Setting a profitable 2018 Business Strategy by Nimisha Overton from Go 2 Market

    £11.00 – £23.50
    Setting a profitable 2018 Business Strategy by Nimisha Overton from Go 2 Market
    New Year, New Business Plan
    Maidenhead Business Girls – January Meet-Up – January 10th

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  • its time to get ready
    05/06/2018 - Go2Market Sloutions 0 Comments
    GDPR workshop: It’s time to get ready! by Go2Market Solution and Sanzen Digital

    From May 25th 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation will impact all business owners who hold, access and share data.

    Go2Market Solutions and Sanzen Digital will take you through an easy to understand step-by-step guide that will enable you to comply with the new data regulation.
    Chances are that you’ve read the GDPR guide but you’re still struggling to understand how to implement the new regulation.

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  • digital marketing
    03/01/2018 - Nimihsa Overton 0 Comments
    4 Digital Marketing Trends expire in 2018

    There are so many different ways to reach your target audience but what worked for you last year or last month may not work today. Some of the most popular digital marketing trends are coming to the end of their shelf life and possibly past their expiry date.

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  • grow a business
    15/12/2017 - Nimisha Overton 0 Comments
    Want to grow your business?

    I have spoken to all kinds of businesses in the last week, some established but needing help to grow, others just starting out that want to know where to begin and then there are those who have been around for a while but with very little time to generate demand for their products or services.

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  • impact of brexit on small and medium businesses in the UK
    05/12/2017 - Go2Market Solutions 0 Comments
    Dark nights and GDPR are on their way

    London has topped a list of Europe’s best performing large cities. The Milken Institute created the ranking using data on a number of factors, including jobs, wage growth and the gross added value of hi-tech services.

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  • business blog
    26/06/2017 - Go2Market Solutions 0 Comments
    So What?

    It certainly felt like the start of Autumn this morning after the glorious sunshine of yesterday. No doubt some of us were out on our normal Monday morning journey in the dark with nothing but traffic alerts, local and national news of the Brexit battle and Germany election. But what were the headlines of the Invictus Games launched yesterday?

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