impact of brexit on small and medium businesses in the UK

Dark nights and GDPR are on their way

London has topped a list of Europe’s best performing large cities. The Milken Institute created the ranking using data on a number of factors, including jobs, wage growth and the gross added value of hi-tech services.

What an important discussion is happening right now with the the highs and lows of a drama that has divided the nation like a cliff hanger on a British soap like Eastenders.

While this is going on a US think tank, The Milken Institute has named (Inner) London (East) area namely Canary Wharf and City as one of Europe's top performing cities.

Enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is 6 months away, are you ready for it? Do you know what it is? How will it impact your business?
In summary it will increase privacy for individuals and give regulatory authorities greater powers to take action against businesses that breach the new laws with hefty fines.
From a marketing perspective, one of the main changes that you will need to make is provide a traceable trail from your contacts to opt-in for communications with your company and have a provable, recorded database that confirms who has agreed to what communication with you and when.
Tips for effective subscriptions to communicate with you
Avoid soft opt-in (tick boxes on general form) - always use a dedicated opt-in form
Create a paper trail of when and where your subscriber agreed to opt-in
Double opt-in is best as it helps to confirm that the user is real and confirms their intentions
Promote your opt-in form, make it stand out and give people a good reason to opt-in
Use the power of email - put a link at the end for contacts to subscribe
What else do you need to do to be GDPR ready?
The new regulation impacts all areas of your business that collect, store and use personal data. Do make sure that you analyse your data processes to comply, in particular:
How you collect it (the double opt-in process)
How data is recorded (the provable part)
The storing system (safety and privacy paramount here)
The retrieval process (you need to be able provide data if requested)
The disclosure process (who you share details with – you need to be crystal clear on this and you share responsibility with other parties that hold data)
share responsibility with other parties that hold the data)
The erasing process (the right to be forgotten)
An overview of GDPR can be found here:
What about Brexit?
The GDPR comes into effect for EU nations from 25th May 2018. Post-Brexit GDPR regulations will still apply to all nations handling data from within the EU. With large penalties to those who do not comply.
Have you made provisions for this change in data law or would you like some help? For further information contact

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