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So What?

It certainly felt like the start of Autumn this morning after the glorious sunshine of yesterday. No doubt some of us were out on our normal Monday morning journey in the dark with nothing but traffic alerts, local and national news of the Brexit battle and Germany election. But what were the headlines of the Invictus Games launched yesterday?

 The international Para-lympic style multi-sport event in which the wounded, injured or sick armed service personnel take part in sports?

With the headline and coverage in this footage courtesy of the BBC, it was clear to see that this attention grabber was not to represent the athletes from 17 countries competing in 12 sports over 8 days but to report where Prince Harry's girlfriend was sat during the opening ceremony. It was an interesting take on this important foundation that was set up in 2014 with the long term objective to ensure injured troops are not forgotten and to "demonstrate the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and demonstrate life beyond disability" This is the real message, the real USP that we should all be focussing on - it is important, inspiring and the right message to give out to our future generations would you not agree?
So it was yet another Monday morning, it was dull and dreary outside - so what? We get on with our day, just like these great service men and women and defeat all odds and own it.

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